Why Now’s the Time to Buy a Used Car on Sale in Pakistan

Published: 22nd June 2009
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Car manufacturers and dealers were delighted when the government of Pakistan announced the five percent reduction in excise duties on cars in the 2009 Budget. Added to the many advantages of buying a used car for sale in Pakistan, the second hand car market has responded predictably well to this news. So how can you buy a used car for sale in Pakistan that's perfect and profitable for you?

In the past half a decade, used cars in Pakistan, especially Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad have become extremely easy to locate. With the supply of second hand cars rising due to economically troubling times, broadly read nation and local newspapers, such as The News and Dawn publish classifieds focusing on used cars. The cars are arranged by car make and list contact numbers and other details regarding car features. Sundays are the best time to search for good deals in these newspapers.

Free online classifieds have also risen in popularity and there are a good many websites catering to Pakistan. You can simply Google buy used cars for sale in Pakistan and you'll get thousands of search results. I would advise browsing through the first two result pages to find sites with regularly updated posts. A lot of the sites also permit you to view pictures and videos of the car on sale.

Prices of common goods, electricity and fuel in Pakistan have risen significantly in the last few years creating a demand for used cars. Families are actively saving money in all facets of life focusing on how to reduce their monthly expenses. These conditions combined with the announcement of a cut in duties for new cars has caused second hand cars to become even more popular. Car dealers with Toyota, Honda and Suzuki for sale are slashing prices hoping to ignite a buying spree, truly fantastic news for the consumer.

The further reduction in prices implies that now more than ever you can find a great car that matches your requirements and your wallet size. You stay well within your budget and save more for those hard days ahead.

Older used cars also bear a lower cost of insurance reducing your annual expenses. Insurance premiums depend on the net market worth of the car and since used cars are valued at lower prices, so are the premiums. And the great news is that if you already have a car and you get the second car insured by the same company you can realize additional savings by receiving a sort of bulk discount. Jubilee, EFU and Adamjee, the biggest insurance companies in Pakistan, offer considerable discounts if both your cars are insured by them.

A disadvantage, albeit a minor one, is a social one. A lot of people out there are worried about keeping up appearances and what their friends or relatives might have to say about buying a used car in Pakistan. Honestly, it shouldn't matter one bit. If you're saving cash, money that can prove useful in medical emergencies, sustaining a house when jobless or paying for an education, a used car should actually take priority over a new one, especially if you're buying a second car. When times are rough you'll be the last one standing.

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